Save the date: Usefulness and instructions

Save the date: Usefulness and instructions

This essential practice across the Atlantic is increasingly attracting our future brides and grooms. If you've just got engaged, here are some tips on this very useful custom:

  1. What's the point ? The goal is to announce the date of your wedding as soon as possible to be sure that your guests will be free that day.
  2. How does it differ from the announcement? The announcement informs the guests about the precise course of your day. To send it, the complete organization of your wedding must be completed. No need to wait until you have everything tied up to send your "Save the Date" because it contains the minimum information necessary.
  3. What information to put there? The day and the city (or at least the region) are largely sufficient at first. To avoid having to answer 50 consecutive telephone calls to this unusual sending, specify that an official invitation will follow. You can also add links to your facebook page or website.
  4. When to send it? Send it as soon as the date of your wedding is fixed. A year in advance may be necessary to ensure the availability of your guests, especially if your wedding takes place during the holidays or in the middle of the wedding season. This is all the more important for your guests living far away or if you are getting married abroad.
  5. Which formalism to respect? You can of course match it with the design of your stationery, but you may not have yet chosen the theme and the ambiance of your beautiful Day when it was sent. No fuss, the "Save the date" is informal and allows you all the fantasies. Many send a photo or mini video with the date of their wedding (the opportunity to get to know your photographer by planning an "engagement session").
  6. How to show originality? It is one of the first steps in the preparation of the wedding, give free rein to your creativity to transpose your guests into the world of your celebration. Find on Etsy among their good ideas the most appropriate way for your couple to proclaim the love and the joy which inhabit it: To see here. Magnets, labels ... the choice is vast. And why not set the tone for a country and friendly wedding by sending each Ayana guest (or only witnesses) a DIY Ayana (Buttonhole or bracelet) with the words "Be ready for ..."
  7. How to send it? The simplest is of course electronic sending for photos or videos. The 2018 trends see social networks taking on increasing importance in spreading this good news. It is therefore common in the USA for couples to post a "Save the date invitation" photo on Instagram to inform their community of their future wedding.
  8. Any last advice? The mention "Save the date" may not be understood by everyone, especially by the generation of seniors. To be sure that all your guests will enter your message, use the French version: "Reserve the date" or "Save the date". Also pay attention to the subject of your e-mail if you are sending electronically. Anglicism "Save the date" strongly overused in our mailboxes has lost its role of shock alert. At a time when the big brands use it for the launch of the sales, your e-mail "Save the date" to announce the most extraordinary day of your life risks being lost in the multitude of SPAM received daily.


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