How are your creations made?

Our bridal bouquets and all our creations are handmade. What makes them unique!

Therefore, the photos on the site may be slightly different than the product you will receive. However, we make sure that all our models are made as close as possible to the article presented on our site.

Can I personalize my bouquet or my floral accessory?

Each model can be personalized according to your desires and your theme, and made in the colors of your choice. Flowers, brasses, feathers, pearls, fabrics, ribbons… all the elements making up our creations can be removed, added or modified.

To do this, contact us via our contact form to let us know your request.

Can I match my accessories and my future husband's buttonhole to my bridal bouquet?

All our models of headdresses, jewelry, buttonholes, bouquets of bridesmaids, can match your bridal bouquet. We will use the same flowers and decorative elements to harmonize your order.

To do this, contact us via our contact form to let us know your request.

Are all your creations in natural flowers, even your jewelry?

Yes, we only use preserved and dried flowers and foliage for all our creations. 

What is the difference between silver metal, gold metal, silver and gold filled?

We give you the opportunity to choose your jewelry and headbands between 4 types of chains and findings:

  • Silver metal
  • Golden metal
  • 925 silver: Silver has a minimum content of 92.5% pure silver. This is called 925 silver or Sterling Silver 925.
  • Gold filled: It is a treatment widely used in the USA. It is a 14 carat gold finish applied to a brass base. Gold filled jewelry looks like gold jewelry. Our gold filled jewelry and headbands have gold metal prints.

How long can I keep my bouquet or decorations?

Several years. For perfect preservation over time, we advise you to keep your creations away from the sun and humidity.

I hesitate between several models, can you help me?

In case of doubt, you can either:

  • Call us on +339 83 35 90 51 or
  • Send us an email via our contact form.

We are at your disposal to advise you, assist you in the choice of each detail.

How long before the wedding should I order?

As soon as you have chosen your dress or determined your choices. Each element is created and handmade in our workshop. We offer high quality and very careful work. Although very responsive, we recommend that you book several months in advance.

Don't do it at the last minute!

What are the lead times ?

Each creation is made to order, our lead times are variable, depending on the schedule of our workshop. Allow 1 to 2 weeks from October to January, which can be increased to 3 weeks, from February to September.

When placing your order, estimated delivery times will be communicated to you. 

I'm getting married in 10 days, can I still order?

For any urgent order, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, or directly by phone on +339 83 35 90 51. We will tell you if it is possible for us to place your order as a priority.

I do not wish to receive my order several months before my wedding, is it possible to ship it later?

Once the order has been made, we can keep it in our workshop and send it to you 15 days before the date of your wedding. In this case, leave us a comment when placing your order.