Notre concept en fleurs stabilisées


AYANA was born from the will to build together a more beautiful, healthier and more human world. This is the new challenge of two creative young women, in love with art and beauty, fully aware of the environmental issue and eager to provide an additional soul to this world's beings and things.

On 2015 Sandy and her sister Emilie embarked with the enthusiasm and passion that characterize them in an exciting professional challenge by buying together the "Fleurs d'un nouveau monde" company. This pioneer company on preserved flowers work was the first creator to introduce this innovative process into the wedding world. For more than sixteen years bouquets, hair wreaths, buttonholes, jewelry, decorations ... entirely made from preserved flowers have brought a new delicacy and freshness concept that lasts over time for the delight of brides.

On 2020, these two passionate sisters, strong with their asserted identity and their authentic know-how, create the AYANA brand. A trendy brand that place humans and nature at the heart of the company. AYANA is a Native American name, it means "Eternal Flower" which sums up the primary intention of our brand: to create wonder with sustainable plants.


All our creations are part of an eco-friendly approach. We create for you refined pieces exclusively made with natural flowers that last in time. These high quality natural flowers and foliage have been dried or preserved to maintain their delicate beauty.

  1. The stabilization process consists of replacing the sap of freshly cut plants with a glycerin-based solution. Thanks to this eco-technique, our plants retain their original flexibility and brightness for a result identical to fresh flowers for years.
  2. Our dried flowers, naturally air dried with soft and powdery hues give a deliciously poetic and bohemian touch.

This concept allows us first to realize natural flowers creations which will not wither on your wedding day, such as your bridal bouquet or your flowers hair crown, but also to design for you floral adornments and jewelry that are difficult or even impossible to make with fresh flowers. We thus preserve the delicate beauty of natural flowers for an exceptional result and a wonderful wedding safekeep!


Each creation is made on order in our workshop in a very limited series, often even as a unique creation but always with detail attention and love for a job well done. We respect the singularity, originality and uniqueness of each of us. We want to help you assert your difference by creating original and unique accessories for you. Emilie, customer manager, listens carrefully to each customer's wishes. Attentive and patient, she is committed to creating a bond of trust and discussion relationship with each of them to best meet their needs. We believe that real luxury is freedom, uniqueness and self-expression. The most luxurious adornment is not the one with the most style but the one that, in keeping with your style, subtly enhances it.


Nature is an endless source of beauty and fantasy from which our talented creator and designer, Sandy draws her personal inspirations. Real art is to combine shades, shapes and textures to create unique accessories that generate emotions. Flowers have always troubled, moved, amazed, enchanted men and women. Our creations made with flowers whose beauty is no longer ephemeral allow these emotions to last.


We choose our plants with the greatest care, prioritizing quality and durability. We lovingly design original creations based on our personal inspiration and our manual work. Each piece is designed and assembled with meticulousness, patience and passion. Each order is carefully packaged with specific packaging to safely send our delicate creations around the world.

Why choose our dried or preserved flowers creations for your wedding?   

  1. To enjoy your flowers and flowered accessories throughout your wedding day without the risk of seeing them wither even in summer;
  2. To  buy your dreamed custom creation without risking an unpleasant surprise on your wedding day;   
  3. To easily organize your flowers and floral accessories delivery if you are getting married far away from home or abroad; 
  4. To doubly benefit from your bouquet and accessories if your celebration takes place over several days or even months;   
  5. To make you stand out with unusual and unique floral arrangements impossible to make with fresh flowers;   
  6. To pamper loved ones by giving them original and memorable accessories (bracelets, brooches, buttonholes, barrettes…)   
  7. To avoid last minute stress by preparing and setting up your floral decoration in advance;   
  8. To be able to keep your bridal bouquet and floral accessories as an unforgettable reminder of this wonderful day;   
  9. To reduce the environmental impact of your event by opting for sustainable flowers with a reduced carbon footprint;   
  10. To favor the MADE IN FRANCE and the authentic know-how of certified craftsmanship;   
  11. To live your wedding and its preparations as a unique and intense personal experience.

You are unique and so will be your wedding or any other ceremony. Contact us to design together original and memorable creations that will bring singularity and authenticity to your celebration.