AYANA is the lovely project of two sisters, Sandy and Emilie who have shared the same passion on a daily basis for more than five years. A passion born from their common love for nature and the beauties it conceals. A passion based on creativity and desire for perfection. A passion encouraged by wonder and the satisfaction of their customers.

Emilie, attentive and warm-hearted , is at the customer relationship heart, everyone's satisfaction being her priority. Her wish is to help you express your style to make a special floral decoration just like you, an essential element to create your personal setting and atmosphere for your big day. "Organizing a wedding is an intimate and emotionally charged event, it's the way I experienced my wedding preparations myself a few months ago. Internet and social networks are teeming with ideas each more attractive than the next and it's sometimes difficult to build our personal style according to our own tastes. I really love this relationship of trust and share with the bride and groom to be and I am happy to contribute to the success and the happiness of their D Day. I wish for each couple to live this unique moving experience intensely".

Sandy, imaginative and generous is the fruitful soul of our workshop. With her innate sense of elegance and aesthetics and her profusion of original creative ideas, she passionatly wants to help you realize the personal vision you have for your wedding or any other event important to you: "I discovered my vocation during my wedding preparations in 2014 where I prepared with love and application the success of this great day. Our guests were amazed by this meticulous care devoted to the decoration and keep in memory the charm of this unforgettable day. The refinement is the result of each detail and I like to create with each couple who put their trust in us a magic harmony with their own singularity so that they fully live this day with the enthusiastic enchantment of their guests."

In 2020, these two sisters, fully commited to their ideals with their authentic know-how, want to invest more in their dearly themes: Human and Nature. AYANA is the symbol of this commitment to participate at their level in building a more beautiful, healthier and above all a more human world.

AYANA is the Emilie and Sandy's commitment:

  • -To select our flowers with the greatest care in prioritizing quality;
  • -To create lasting pieces in limited or even unique series, exclusively born of our personal inspiration and our customers individual vision;
  • -To perform each order with the care and know-how of a certified French craftsmanship;
  • -To reduce the environmental impact of our activity on a daily basis;
  • -To favor ecological materials and means of transport with a lower carbon footprint;
  • -To listen and pay very close attention to each customer;
  • -To find together a solution to each issue;
  • -To keep the customers contentment as our leitmotif;

"There's no coincidences, there are only great encounters. We would be happy to accompany you in your preparations to create together the unique tone of your D day. We wish everyone an unforgettable experience. » Emilie and Sandy