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Ayana can also contribute to the beauty of your day with all kinds of original floral decorations, in harmony with the theme of your wedding.

Also discover our creations to offer or to offer to decorate your home.


  • Urns
    <p>Looking for an original urn?</p> <p>Discover our urns made of preserved flowers to perfect the decoration of your wedding.</p>
  • Flower arrangements
    <p>Discover our collection of flower arrangements, ideal for decorating your interior.</p>
  • Decorations to stick
    <p>Discover our decorations to stick on many supports: your table plan, your arch, your urn ...</p> <p>It's up to you to create according to your desires!</p>
  • Flowers Bouquets
    <p>Discover our collection of bouquets of dried and preserved flowers. These bouquets will be perfect to decorate your home, or simply to offer as a gift.</p>

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