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Whatever your style, we can enhance your headdress with beautiful floral compositions!

Floral crowns, headband, or flower clips will be subjects to surprise and amazement just like the floral veil which will replace with originality the traditional bridal veil.

Ayana also offerts you many models for the hairstyles of your bridesmaids.


  • Crowns
    <p>For a bohemian style, opt for an authentic crown of flowers. Be radiant for your wedding with a preserved and/or dried flowers headdress.</p>
  • Half crowns
    <p>Be wonderful for your wedding with a preserved and/or dried flower headdress.</p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • Combs
    <p>Discover our collection of combs for your wedding.</p> <p>Be original for your wedding with a preserved and/or dried flowers headdress.</p>
  • Headbands
    <p>Fall for our pretty preserved and/or dried flower headbands for your wedding!</p>
  • Flower clips and peaks
    <p>Accessorize your hairstyle with flowers!</p> <p>Discover our collection of clips and flower picks for your wedding. An essential accessory!</p>

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