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Do you know more elegant and refined ornaments than these delicate jewels, made in preserved flowers and foliage, which will keep their freshness for years?

Our floral bracelets and necklaces in perfect harmony with your bridal bouquet will make you exceptional until the end of the night!

You can also offer a beautiful jewel to your bridesmaids or witnesses, in total harmony with yours.


  • Necklaces
    <p>Discover our bridal necklaces for your wedding.</p> <p>Made with preserved or dried flowers.</p>
  • Bracelets
    <p>Enhance your bridal outfit with a floral bracelet!</p> <p>Made with preserved and/or dried flowers, so can keep it for years.</p>
  • Earrings
    <p>Enhance your bridal outfit with originality and wear pretty floral earrings.</p> <p>Made with preserved and/or dried flowers, so you can keep them for years.</p>
  • Rings
    <p>Discover our collection of floral rings for your wedding.</p> <p>Enhance your outfit with originality with this floral accessory.</p>
  • Brooches
    <p>Also think of mom and beautiful mom, who will be delighted to put a magnificent brooch in preserved and / or dried flowers to match your flowered accessories.</p>

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